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The Oodles Story

Everyone knows that college is the best time in a person's life.  There are so many social activities to experience on or around campus -- eat at the newest restaurant hot spot, catch a late-night movie, or just hang at the must-attend party.

And doing it together with your friends is what makes it truly memorable!

Oodles means "many" things to do, and we have "Oodles" of amazing deals and events available...with new items being added all the time.

And everything available on the Oodles app is geared towards you and your friends spending time together.

So, go out and make Oodles & Oodles of everlasting memories with your friends!

Scorching:  Enjoy the deal or event together with friends for maximum value.

Hot:  Show the vendor the hot deal or event in-app on your own and enjoy.

* Not an actual offer.  Representational only.

Hotter:  Easily share the deal or event with friends to get a better offer.

Save money at restaurants & other cool spots around campus. Just Oodle it!