Value Added Marketing

OodlesDeals has a number of payment structures that allows every restaurant to minimize risk while maximizing revenue and profits. Through our subscription, transaction, or hybrid payment options, we ensure that our partners are able to reap the maximum benefit of the unique OodlesDeals two-tiered transaction process.

Building Customer Loyalty

The Oodles community is built around the idea that the needs of consumers and vendors alike can be met together– by bringing users into your restaurant and creating good memories, we are giving you loyal customers that will continue to benefit your
business for years.

Your Marketing Manager

Given that our goal is to bring as many users into your restaurant as possible, we work hard to promote your business on as many channels as possible.. This includes both our patented mobile app-based approach and our on-campus events through which we drive hundreds of students to your location. Click here to learn more about our events!

Minimal Work for You

When you join Oodles as one of our vendors, we take care of the steps involved in setup; aside from working with us to create a deal that will be best for your restaurant, you will not need to worry about any legwork related to becoming an Oodles partner.

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