Our application involves the use of two separate benefit options, the Hot Deal (which involves sharing the deal with a friend) and the larger Scorcher Deal (which involves sharing the deal with the friend and going to the store together).

When a customer earns a Hot/Scorcher Deal and redeems it at the store’s location, they are given a reward –a discount, a free item, or another benefit chosen by the vendor.


OodlesDeals is based on the idea that being social is good for both consumers and businesses. When we offer benefits to both parties involved in a transaction – the businesses and their customers – we are creating the type of “win-win situation” needed for a community to grow.

By offering benefits to consumers that share a vendor’s deals with their friends, we are creating a vendor platform for word-of-mouth marketing while giving users a way to spend time with their friends. In this way, Oodles is unique in its ability to bring people together while giving them value on both ends!